Guide to Selling Fireworks

British Standards

All fireworks offered for sale by Cosmic Fireworks are tested to comply with either BS7114 or BS EN 15497, as appropriate.

Registration & Weight Limitations

Before the purchase of fireworks you are required under the Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations (MSER) to register or licence your premises. You can now register your premises for the storage of up to 250 kg NEC. Registration and licencing can be obtained from your local issuing authority.

The method by which you store the fireworks and the type of premises will have an effect on the total quantity you are able to keep. You should not automatically assume that your shop is suitable to store the maximum amount.

A copy of your registration or licence certificate must be provided to us before any delivery is planned.

Firework Regulations

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills, state;

  • Without a special "all year licence" retailers can now only sell fireworks at the following times;
  • 15th October – 10th November and 26th – 31st December
  • The day of Diwali and three days prior.
  • The first day of Chinese New Year and three days prior.
  • A poster, which should be provided by your supplier, relating to the illegality of under 18's possessing fireworks, must be displayed in full view of the buying public.
  • It is now illegal to supply a firework which has a decibel level of over 120dB A-Imax. CosmicFireworks is committed to supplying only fireworks below this level.

For more information, please do contact us.